We want to thank our partners at First Baptist Grapevine who did an unbelievable job beautifying our Transitional Housing Unit Homes!

A team from FBG led by Kelli Lawrence spent an entire afternoon at our Transitional Housing property working on a lot of different projects including painting, yard work, landscaping, cleaning, and general upkeep. We take pride in our TH families so it’s important for us to make sure that they live in a beautiful place as they work to build better lives for themselves.

Martisha Smith, our Transitional Housing Manager couldn’t be more appreciative of all their hard work.

“Transitional Housing is so blessed to have volunteers like Kelli Lawrence and the heart and passion for change that she possesses. Initially Kelli and her First Baptist Church Grapevine group showed love to Transitional Housing during the Christmas holiday with an abundance of kindness through fellowship, gift baskets, and dinner for the ladies and their children. Kelli has committed to a continual beautification project at our property, in addition to preparing a new apartment for an incoming family. It’s wonderful.”

Kelli’s hard work was recognized Friday at our Virtual Volunteer Vacation event winning Transitional Housing’s Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations Kelli and thank you First Baptist Grapevine for all your hard work!