Feed Our Kids  have officially begun, and we are already off to an incredible start. Volunteers, organizations, and departments from all over the community will pitch in to help out in any capacity in order to make this year’s Feed Our Kids another successful one.

Tuesday kicked off with each site serving over 35 lunches to children. By the end of the week, each site served approximately 2457 lunches to children across the community.

The Grapevine Police Department came out to serve earlier this week. Along with giving out lunch, they also provided different games for the kids to play such as Connect Four, JENGA, and Cornhole. “We are having an amazing time serving lunches to many families in the community,” said Grapevine Police Officer Patrick O’Neal. “To be able to find more opportunities to serve the community like the GRACE Feed Our Kids program is why we do what we do.” The officers also spent time talking to kids and families about how everyone can keep cool as we approach this hot summer.

Both of these notable programs are extremely beneficial to the community we live in. In a recent study, Tarrant County ranks 77th out of the 254 counties in the poverty rate. Having programs like Feed Our Kids and Grocery Giveaway helps to supply food to children and families during the summer months.

Feed Our Kids and Grocery Giveaway is kicking into full gear and we need your help. If you, your group or your organization would like to volunteer with either of these programs, please contact Beth Chernik at bchernik@GRACEGrapevine.org. The GRACE community would love to have you!