Gifts to “24 Hours of GRACE” have funded the GRACE Community Clinic, Food Pantry and Gardens, Transitional Housing, Senior Services, and Children’s Services.

Last year, the GRACE response to the COVID 19 pandemic was supported by “24 Hours of GRACE”. Next Tuesday, March 23, our “24 Hours of GRACE” will ask you to help us secure the future of GRACE.

Recurring gifts are the lifeblood of GRACE. Your recurring gifts form a stable source of support. They guide our budgeting for services and programs. Next Tuesday, we are asking you for a recurring gift to support our future planning.

A promise of funding-to-come allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients, and project future costs. This “24 Hours of GRACE” is your chance to do the very most good for the people GRACE serves.

We also ask you to spread the word about “24 Hours of GRACE” and the significance of recurring gifts. As last year passed, more and more donors came forward with recurring gifts: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, even quarterly.

Recurring gifts were donations we could count on each month. Our monthly budget always started with a promise of recurring gifts as we tried to stay ahead of the pandemic and keep our clients, volunteers, and staff safe.

A promise from you to support GRACE with a recurring gift elevates the capacity of GRACE to serve, and helps us plan months down the road. A gift monthly or every two weeks provides stability, and strengthens our ability to anticipate the future needs of our clients.

This year’s annual “24 Hours of GRACE” may be the most important online campaign we have mounted to date. This coming Tuesday, instead of a one-time gift for a specific program, please consider giving to GRACE throughout the year.

On Monday, you will receive a message from our Chief Executive Officer, Shonda Schaefer. She will ask you to make a pledge—a vow to give on recurring basis.

Then, monthly, every two weeks, or any interval you choose for the next year, your gifts will help the GRACE mission serve those struggling with the pandemic, or its prolonged aftermath.

As catastrophic as 2020 was, this year is proving to be just as fearful. Many hit by COVID-related slowdowns and shutdowns are still recovering. New clients coming to GRACE are trending at the same enormous rate as last year—more than double our regular caseload.

Twice as much food is needed at the Food Pantry. Twice as many patients are coming to the Community Clinic. Twice as many seniors need food, support, care, and reassurance.

On top of all this—a massive looming question mark—sometime in the near future something is going to happen with deferred rent payments and winter storm utility costs, and GRACE will implement support services to keep families in their homes.

But only with your help.

Your recurring gift of $500 or more annually, gives us a chance to thank you and declare your generosity to the rest of the community:  we will deliver a “Choose GRACE” sign suitable for mounting in your front lawn.

Your “Choose GRACE” sign will let everyone know you have made a gift to secure the future of GRACE. GRACE needs your help now more than ever—your generous recurring gift will help GRACE and our community finally put this crisis behind us, and look forward to a secure, healthy, and stable future.