This week members of the GRACE Family came together to welcome another family into our Transitional Housing Program…we are proud to announce that Tanisha and her son Samuel are in their beautiful new home, working towards a new life.

Our newest family to the program is mom Tanisha and her one year old son, Samuel. Originally from Denton Tanisha spoke about her journey and about how she’s excited for her young family’s future.

“The last couple years have been very hard…I lost my job after discovering I was pregnant, a high risk pregnancy, and quickly found myself in serious trouble,” Tanisha said.

“But God brought me thru those tough moments…and brought me here. I’m so grateful.”

Events like this are never complete without the usual cast of characters that are always there to help make sure our TH tenants feel supported and live in a clean and beautiful space.

A huge team from White’s Chapel United Methodist Church helped with the furnishings and decoration. Guided by the WC Ministry Volunteer Team lead, Martha Reukema, Lisa Barham, Janey Bond, Kathy Bramlage, Leigh Lynde, P.J. Luke, Suzanne Deaton, Kay Abshier, and Don Reukema did another outstanding job making sure our newest resident has everything she needs in her new home.

Chris Rowley led the home repairs team known as the ‘Dirty Dozen’ who make sure the home not only looks good but is in good shape as well.

The event wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful home blessing, which was led by WCUMC’s Co-Pastor Dr. Todd Renner.

“I found GRACE and I’m so glad to finally have a loving home and the help I need to move forward and provide a great life for my son.”

Tanisha is currently in school and renewing licenses for her career in the medical field.

Welcome home, Tanisha and Sammy!