Last week, the GRACE Leadership team and Board of Directors set out to recognize one staff member to receive the agency’s highest honor for her fierce work ethic, leadership, and excellence in mission.

GRACE Volunteer Manager, Lara Hohweiler, has worked with GRACE in various capacities for nearly five years, first with our resale operations and currently as part of the Development department.

Her role to manage volunteers extends far beyond scheduling and delegating. Lara builds genuine relationships with civic clubs, church congregations, individuals and businesses, because her passion for the community is sincere and infectious.

To put it simply– you can’t go anywhere with Lara without someone from the community coming to steal a hug from her!

Lara manages multiple speaking engagements throughout the agency, maintaining community engagement initiatives and serving in multiple volunteer capacities with the Grapevine Women’s Division and other memberships.

In addition to her regular duties, Lara has taken responsibility of interim event management with vendors and guests, proving that she truly can shine anywhere you put her!

She knows every corner of all GRACE facilities and collaborates with individuals, churches and Boy Scout troops to execute projects to beautify and utilize GRACE sites.

GRACE is blessed to have Lara as an ambassador for the mission because she works diligently behind the scenes to make sure every project, speaking engagement or volunteer shift is carried out in a manner worthy of the families GRACE serves.

Congratulations, Lara!