The Grapevine Police Department (GPD) is dedicated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure every Grapevine resident is safe.

With families seeking refuge in our community in the aftermath of the storms, the GPD went above and beyond to ensure our newest neighbors had all their essential needs met through GRACE programs.

They put out a call for nonperishable foods, socks, diapers, and hygiene items, and the community responded with abundance.

Within 24 hours, the overflowing boxes of donations couldn’t be contained in one trip, and multiple trips are planned as the donations continue to come in from officers and community residents.

“In times like this, we know that families want to make meaningful, material donations to give to another family,” said police Meeting Manager Amanda McNew. “As long as the community has a need, we will continue to be an outlet for their generosity.”

There are currently five Grapevine officers on the ground in Houston. Officers and their spouses have taken a personal interest in the cause at home to replenish the GRACE Food Pantry.

Demands in this region are expected to increase in the short and long term as evacuees relocate to our area to escape further damage. Thanks to the generosity of our selfless first responders and our neighbors, families who have arrived and will be arriving will be met with tools to become whole again.

We could not be more proud of our officers in blue, and thankful for their service both here and our neighbors in Houston.

Please to continue to pray for the police officers and families affected by the storms.