VolunteerThe tradition continues! The last days of the year will bring a massive rush of people donating clothes, household goods, furniture, and more at GRACE Donation Station. For volunteers and staff it is an “all hands on deck” to help unload cars and trucks, move donations into the Station, and size, sort and classify materials.

A public call for volunteers has been issued based on the anticipated volume of donations and the timing of the holidays.

With New Year’s Eve on Tuesday,” said Alicia Fike, GRACE Volunteer Manager, “People will gather all their donations through the weekend come in Monday and Tuesday.”

Alicia anticipates as many as 300 generous donors each day between Thursday, December 26 and Tuesday, December 31, will brave the chill to bring their gifts to Donation Station, 112 North Scribner Street in Grapevine.

She believes Donation Station will need at least 10 more volunteers each three-hour shift, December 26 and 27. Fifteen more volunteers will be needed each shift (9 a.m-12 p.m./12-3 p.m./3-6 p.m.) on December 30 and 31. Donation Station is closed on Sunday.

“”It will be fast-paced, and time will pass quickly,” said Alicia. “Volunteers are so essential to help these donors deliver their gifts and get their receipts.”

For some donors, it is the draw of getting a final charitable receipt for the tax year that brings them in. For others, it is the year-end cleaning of closets, garages and other storage areas that generate their donations. Whatever the cause, the result is a tremendous benefit to GRACE.

“As will all donations, the first considerations are the needs of GRACE clients,” said Alicia. Managers of GRACE Clients Services, GRACE Transitional Housing and the GRACE Clothing Room regularly submit “want lists” of items needed by their clients. These lists are posted on the wall at Donation Station and workers are asked to keep their eyes open for the items.

What items remain are stored for future use by clients, or sent to GRACE resale stores to help generate funds for clients. Twenty-five percent of the budget for GRACE Client Services is generated by resale revenues.

“All volunteers are needed at Donation Station after Christmas: individuals, families, groups from church, work or school—everybody,” said Alicia.

For more information about Donation Station or the GRACE Resale Program, contact Alicia Fike at 817-305-4655, or email afike@gracegrapevine.org.