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Christina Cates joins the GRACE Development Team as the Special Events Manager.

The GRACE Development Team is proud and honored to welcome Christina Cates as our new Special Events Manager. Christina will oversee the activities of the GRACE Gala, the Designer Bags & Bingo event, and other GRACE-initiated fundraisers and events. She will also guide and promote events conducted by businesses, churches, and other community groups to benefit GRACE.

Christina comes to GRACE from The LIFT Office in Grapevine where she served as community manager for two years, planning and executing events for LIFT Office members. Previously, she arranged and conducted events, workshops, and community engagement activities for The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM).

She interned with Every Orphan’s Hope in Lusaka, Zambia, developing and implementing extensive after-school programs and summer camps for orphaned children in the rural parts of Zambia.

Christina is committed to building communities and creating a positive culture to help form a better future for generations to come. She has a passion to strengthen communities and create experiences where people can engage, grow, and collaborate.

She invests her diverse experience and talents in nonprofits both locally and internationally. Currently, she is on the board of AMPT (Advancing Modern Professionals for Tomorrow) through the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce; she chairs the community service activities for the Grapevine club of Rotary International; and she is the missionary engagement liaison for Wild For The Nations, a nonprofit that works internationally in South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Christina holds a Master’s Degree in Christian non-profit and Psychology from Dallas Baptist University. East Coast-born and Texas-raised, Christina is an outdoor enthusiast, and spends her spare time gardening and soaking up the outdoors.

For more information about the GRACE Gala, or other GRACE events, contact Christina at 817-305-4672.