Walgreens associates register flu shot recipients yesterday at the Community Clinic

The frontlines of your health protection have now shifted to your local Walgreens drug store. Free flu shots are offered at all Walgreens during pharmacy hours and no appointment is needed.

A licensed pharmacist and technician visited the GRACE Community Clinic yesterday for the second of three flu shot clinics. Many GRACE patients took advantage of the convenience and one-on-one care provided by the Walgreens associates.

“Transportation is an issue for many of our patients,” said Shirley Roberts, RN, BAS, CCM, nurse manager of the Community Clinic. “Having [Walgreens] bring their flu shot clinic here is a great addition to the care our patients receive.”

A third flu shot clinic for GRACE patients is scheduled in a few weeks, but anyone can receive a vaccine at any Walgreens. Flu shots are at no cost to the patient with most insurances.

Flu shots are recommended as soon as they become available. Because of the likelihood of diminished protection later in the season, especially for older people, patients should consider getting vaccinated by the end of October.

According to Walgreens, as long as flu viruses are circulating, flu shots will continue even into the month of January or later.

Walgreens pharmacists and technicians administer the flu shots while adhering to CDC guidelines of wearing face masks, face shields, and protective gloves. Temperature checks are part of their new safety procedures. Walgreens recommends postponing your visit if you’re sick , have a fever, or exhibit other symptoms.

As recommended by the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, Walgreens offers 4-strain flu vaccines. Special vaccines have been designed for seniors, age 65 or older. Preservative-free flu vaccine options are available for those who are pregnant or allergic to thiomersal/mercury.

For more information about flu shots at your local Walgreens, click on Walgreens Flu Clinic. For additional information about the GRACE Community Clinic, contact Nurse Shirley Roberts at 817-305-4681.