And we really, really do!

It’s hard to believe but GRACEful Buys Euless has been open for 5 years and we can’t thank you enough for all your support. GRACE wants to thank all the employees and volunteers who work so hard at the store. And, we especially want to thank you, our loyal customers. To celebrate we have some great deals happening!

We pride ourselves on being a part of the community because this store wouldn’t work without you.

GRACEful Buys is a process, a machine that works toward the goal of delivering high quality products to you the customer so that we can help benefit the community.

From the beginning when you drop off your used items at Donation Station, to when it reaches our store floor, to finally its new home with you, our loyal customers make this place and it’s wonderful results possible and for that we are ever grateful.

We work hard, paying strict attention to detail and service but we also have fun, which is part of the reason why this store has been such a success. The colorful cast of characters is led by Store Manager Mark Headley who has been leading GBE since 2018.

“One of my most famous quotes that I have used over the last 5 years is (and I say it as I am walking up to a customer and greeting them), ‘Are you having fun? If not, I need to know about it, so I can kick it up a notch!!’ (It’s always good for a laugh or smile!).”

But it’s not all fun and games here, the connections run deep here between staff and customer.

“I wear many hats here at GBE, some folks come up here just to escape the real world for a bit. They will usually seek me out for a chat, and ask if I can spare them a couple of minutes – I always do,” said Mark. “I love our store and the family I work with, and the customers who have blessed us here for 5 years.”

GBE has a wonderful staff of employees but our store wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like Sally Sterie.

“I’ve been a customer at GRACE for quite a while but I promoted myself to volunteer and it’s been one of the best, most fun decisions of which I can think. The Lord asks us to be His hands and His feet. I can think of no better place to spread His love than working with the other wonderful volunteers and terrific customers,” Sally exclaimed.

“I know I’m doing His work and it fills my heart and soul to overflowing…all while having fun with the people here. It’s so bright and welcoming and just feels like home!”

To celebrate this milestone we wanted to offer some special deals to you our special customers starting next week.

  • Everything in the store is 50% off from 10/22-10/25
  • Every 50th customer will get a $50 gift certificate to come back and shop
  • Customers can also get a 25% off coupon to come back and shop that’s valid until 11/25

GRACEful Buys Grapevine will be having the 50% off storewide event as well, but the prize giveaways are reserved for the “anniversary store”.

All proceeds from our resale stores go straight back to the community we love so much, so please stop by, say hello and pick up something great today! Happy 5th Anniversary GBE!