VITA 2Tax season is still with us—the COVID-19 pandemic only delayed the inevitable tax filings, and the intrepid Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteers plan to return to GRACE on July 1 to help.

The VITA sites throughout Tarrant County closed on March 16 in accordance with CDC recommendations. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service rescheduled the deadline to file tax returns from April 15 until October 15.

After a few possible target dates to re-open sites passed, the July 1 date is the latest revision. The United Way of Tarrant County, who administers the VITA program in this area, will be monitoring the situation in case a schedule change is needed.

Last tax season, GRACE provided more than 380 qualifying families with tax assistance, financial coaching, and more than $650,000 in tax refunds. The results are astounding. In the six years GRACE has been a VITA location, nearly $2,340,000 has been refunded to local families.

For those on limited budgets or fixed incomes, a well-earned refund from the Internal Revenue Service has a significant budget impact , and creates a ripple effect that is far reaching, including the intangible support given during tax season for financial stewardship awareness, job coaching, and continued education resources to increase each family’s earning potential.

VITA is open to all qualifying families with household incomes of $58,000 or less for the 2019 calendar year. If transportation is an issue, other VITA Locations are available for your convenience.

To get started, email VITA or call 817-258-8000. For those seeking to speed up their refunds, a VITA Online option is available.