Marta Lassan’s smiling face and gentle ways were hallmarks of her 7 years at GRACE.

GRACE volunteers, donors, and staff are unanimous in their well-wishes to Marta Lassan, our Donation Station assistant manager. Her solid leadership, welcoming presence, and gracious demeanor have guided Donation Station for more than 7 years. Her last day with GRACE is today, June 12.

“Marta has been an instrumental and steadfast member of the Donation Station team,” said GRACE Resale Director Jennifer Rawls. “Her smile and gentle laugh will be missed tremendously.”

Marta has been the epitome of exceptional customer service in her time at GRACE. She received the GRACE MVP award in 2016 for her outstanding attitude, innovative thinking, interdepartmental collaboration, teamwork, and excellence in mission.

Marta was often the first GRACE staff member who met many volunteers from corporate, civic, and church groups at Donation Station. Her calm and gentle ways were on most remarkable display when she engaged and directed volunteer youth groups.

Marta’s poise and thoughtfulness made working conditions better at Donation Station for staff and volunteers. Conditions subject to the weather, spacing, and volume of donations were made much more tolerable by her kind heart and helpfulness.*

Her work with donors, likewise, demonstrated her gratitude for the generosity of the community.

“I love GRACE because we are the community helping the community,” said Marta. For many, GRACE starts at Donation Station. The first sort of the gifts given at Donation Station supports GRACE clients.

Clothing and bedding, shoes, housewares, kitchen and bath supplies, and many other items are directed to GRACE clients in need. GRACE Transitional Housing apartments are outfitted with the donations from Donation Station.

Other gently-used items are sorted and tagged for sale in the GRACEful Buys shopping centers. A full 25% of the annual budget for programs and services are supported by the stores’ revenues. What remains at Donation Station are sold in bulk to companies that render the materials to parts.

Marta was crucial to the operation of this entire supply chain. In addition, Donation Station is a bustling warehouse where virtually all items are sorted, processed and delivered. Her leadership, physical endurance, and stamina were an inspiration to all.

Prior to coming on staff at GRACE, Marta volunteered with GRACE Christmas Cottage where she discovered the importance of all GRACE activities in the community. Finding a replacement for Marta will not be easy.

Still, all those with the skills and background needed, and the willingness to serve the community in a very vital way are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in a position with GRACE Donation Station, please check these NOW HIRING openings.

* Due to Heat Advisory conditions, GRACE Donation Station will be open for donations 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday through Saturday until further notice.