Menshay PC - Newsletter

GRACE Volunteer Coordinator Menshay Ross conducts a Zoom Volunteer Orientation as a safety precaution for new volunteers.

GRACE volunteer orientations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help keep all involved as safe as possible, GRACE Volunteer Coordinator Menshay Ross has shifted to digital orientations via Zoom.

“The orientations are really informative and simple,” said Menshay. “We watch an ‘About Us’ video, and then I answer any questions that people may have.”

Menshay believes volunteer orientations help develop long-term relationships because it generates an awareness of the GRACE mission. For some, volunteering at GRACE can be a family affair.

“Anyone can volunteer, but minors will need parental consent,” said Menshay. “Some areas like our Transitional Housing program and Community Clinic do require background checks.”

Volunteer orientations are held every other Tuesday—3 p.m. for Volunteers and 4 p.m. for Community Service Volunteers.

For those unfamiliar or new to using the video conferencing program Zoom, the process for getting into these meetings is simple. Once the application is submitted, the applicants will be emailed a link to attend the virtual orientation.

Just follow the link and you’re ready for orientation. It’s also important to note that these Zoom meetings can be accessed on either a computer or on a smart phone. Applications can be found on our website

“Menshay has done an amazing job with the Zoom orientations,” Nick Carissimi, GRACE Marketing & Communications Manager. “The process is easy and fun. I love seeing new volunteers come into the GRACE family–our volunteers are why this organization helps so many people.”

Volunteers for GRACE have a number of ways to serve. Some of the programs that utilize volunteers are the Food Pantry, Donation Station, Graceful Buys, our Community Clinic, and in our management office.

Look at the website and figure out how you can help the community today. The next orientation will be Tuesday, September 1. Please email your completed application to Menshay Ross at