Zoom TH Blessing2 8-17-20

GRACE volunteers, donors, and staff thrill at the reactions of the latest family to join the Transitional Housing program.

GRACE’S Transitional Housing program welcomed two families into their new homes this week. The home reveal to the family and the home blessings, two cherished traditions associated with this program, are now being conducted virtually to help keep everyone safe in light of the pandemic.

Even though the event is now online instead of in-person, there are still a lot of happy tears and feelings of excitement and hope felt by all involved. Both families invited into the program: a mother of three and a mother with two little ones, escaped abusive domestic environments and are already on track to succeed with the program.

This program is not possible without the help of our amazing partners, luckily many of them were able to join us in welcoming these families into their new homes and this time was no exception. These amazing partners and volunteers work so hard and put some much time into the transformation of these spaces.

A huge team from White’s Chapel United Methodist Church helped with the furnishings and decoration. Guided by the WC Ministry Volunteer Team lead, Martha Reukema, Lisa Barham, Janey Bond, Kathy Bramlage, Leigh Lynde, P.J. Luke, Suzanne Deaton, Kay Abshier, and Don Reukema did another outstanding job making sure our new families have everything they needed in their new homes.

Glen Bradshaw led the home repairs team known as the ‘Dirty Dozen’ who make sure the home not only looks good but is in good shape as well.

Dorothea Christ and Kim Stinson worked hard organizing this massive effort from WCUMC. The event wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful home blessing, which was led by Pastor Sterling Smith.

New to the process was Jane Secchi of Ferrari’s Italian Villa located in Grapevine. Jane’s story and involvement with this project is another great example of how those in the community surround GRACE. It shows how deeply being involved with programs like this can affect your heart.

The Secchi Family loves GRACE and the spirit of giving but running a successful restaurant makes for a busy life so when Jane was presented with an opportunity to give back she thought of us.

An illness in the family provided that unexpected opportunity to help a family in need.

“My baby sister was gravely ill,” said Jane. “To help, we moved her into a new apartment and bought all new, beautiful white furniture for it.”

After only a short time, though, Jane’s sister died. Jane decided when cleaning out the apartment that the furnishings needed to go to someone who would really appreciate it.

When Jane learned about the Transitional Housing program, she knew it was a perfect match, so she donated an entire apartment’s worth of gorgeous furniture.

“When I got the call that the furniture was being used by a wonderful family in need, I broke down. At that moment, I knew that my sister didn’t die in vain. She’d been given a second chance. I‘m so proud,” Jane said, choking back tears.

“This is a gift from my sister in Heaven. I feel this so deeply in my heart; I’m just so happy for this family.”

The two families are now in the very capable hands of GRACE Transitional Housing Manager Brittany Flewellan and Case Manager Ravan Anderson.

The GRACE Transitional Housing program provides a chance for families to achieve educational, career and financial goals while living in clean, stable housing.

For more information about the GRACE Transitional Housing program, call Brittany at 817-305-4641.