Financial stability is a very important part in becoming self-sufficient. Here at GRACE, we are always trying to find new ways to guide our clients on their journey into self-sufficiency, and our community helps us do this in so many special ways.

Transitional Housing Manager, Martisha Smith, and Certified Public Accountant, Monica Huber, had a great idea of having our clients take a class on financial stability. The Chalmers Faith Based Center is the host curriculum for this course. Monica participated in this course and loved it so much she went on to become a certified instructor.

Towards the end of March, our Transitional Housing clients began the nine week course and have already been putting what they’ve learned into action. “The course is designed to help people manage their finances while understanding what God says about finances,” said Monica. “The women are about six weeks in, and are continuing to learn more and more as each week goes on. I am so proud of them.”

Throughout the course, the women are paired with mentors who meet with them during the week to pass on tools and advice of how to become financially stable. The course also hits on topics such as discerning wants and needs and selecting banks that best fit their financial goals.

The women will finish their course early this summer, and they will attend a graduation in honor of their completion of the classes. We truly understand the importance of financial stability, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with The Chalmers Center to help GRACE clients more on the journey to self-sufficiency.