Our Transitional Housing program has a fantastic asset in their latest addition, Lori Headley. Along with the Transitional Housing Program Manager LaDondra Wilson, the pair is responsible for the day-to-day interaction and accountability for the clients.

Lori comes to us from Arlington, where she was born and raised on a farm (back when Arlington had farms, she adds). As the Supervisor of Specialized Health Services in Arlington, Lori grew accustomed to maintaining a hefty caseload of family services, often which involved on-site home visits and community collaboration.

Lori’s collective ministry, social work and foster care experience give her a well-rounded background to provide holistic, individualized care to each Transitional Housing client. She also has a background in the medical field, and is highly resourceful in taking swift action to find vocational and transportation solutions for our clients.

She holds her Master of Arts in Christian Service from Texas Christian University and a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Texas in Arlington.

Lori is the proud grandmother of three granddaughters, and is involved with the Bell Choir at St. John the Apostle United Methodist Church in Arlington.Welcome to the GRACE family Lori!