By the time a client is accepted as a GRACE Transitional Housing Program participant, the individual or family is usually at their most vulnerable.  Often the unseen emotional wounds are raw due to prolonged domestic abuse, sudden career loss or other wearisome circumstances that brought them to our doors.

Clients appreciate the material assistance provided through GRACE donors, from the services GRACE provides to the physical items they use.  But when taken as a whole, support and encouragement restores hope to those enduring the pang of personal hardship.

The freshly-painted rooms are more than an apartment, and their home with GRACE is more than four walls.  The GRACE family gathers to encourage the client and pray a blessing of her new journey.  This week, we welcomed home our newest Transitional Housing participant, Veronica.

Veronica exudes such kindness and grace.  She transparently uses her experiences as a testament to others in encouraging them to get back up and to never give up.  What better introduction than to hear our courageous, new family member in her own words:

My name is Veronica.  I was born and raised in East Texas in a small town called Tyler, Texas.  I am a mother of three.  I have great passion for helping people who have been through obstacles like myself.

I currently work at the airport.  I am an aspiring new author as well as an actress, it is my goal to be able to use my life as a tool to help others and be a light to others who have gone through things that seemed impossible.  My other passion includes public speaking as well as stage plays.

I am most of all a believer in Jesus Christ, that I know is the reason that I still exist.  I became a mom at a very early age at the age of 12 and then again at the age of 15.  There’s a story behind this early adventure in my life which couples with abuse as a child on up until a teenager.

The next goal of my life is to be able to do public speaking as a source to help both men and women facing the very thing that made them go through life screaming in silence, that was me. In short, through everything I’ve gone through the average would not have survived it, but it’s a miracle that I did.

We are so very blessed to welcome Veronica home!  We cannot thank you enough, GRACE Family, for pouring your time, resources and hearts into making our Programs possible.  Please continue to pray for our Transitional Housing clients as they pave new paths to pursue their dreams.