The GRACE Transitional Housing Program is a transformative program that creates lasting change by combining the expertise of a GRACE Care Manager with the determination and discipline of a client. GRACE is honored to share that some of our program graduates have gone on and developed their careers to become managers, directors, nurses, and even a CEO.

This program is the hardest program offered here at GRACE because it takes a great deal of discipline and a heart open to learning in order to obtain true success. In this article, we are pleased to present to you the success story of one such young woman.

Ms. Heather Woodard walked the graduation stage on May 10, 2024, receiving her certification as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), and in her cheering section were her friends, daughters, and GRACE Transitional Housing Manager, Martisha Smith.

There is none better to tell the GRACE perspective of Heather’s story than Martisha, and when asked – this is what she said:

“We are sometimes in life blessed to have a front seat at seeing ‘Hard Work Pays Off’ play out right in front of our eyes. I have had that opportunity since being introduced to Ms. Heather Woodard. When I met Heather almost four years ago, I saw a young mother who was trying to figure her way out of her situation. She was dealing with past trauma that was fighting with her future and she was struggling to find a place of security.

As time went on, Heather saw that her goals of finishing college would be tough, but not impossible. While she went to school, she worked as a home health worker and made sure to put focus on her most important job, being a great mother to her two sweet daughters. Going through these things on a daily basis, along with meeting GRACE Transitional Housing Program expectations, Heather found confidence in herself and learned that nothing was impossible as long as she kept moving forward.

Since she graduated from the GRACE Transitional Housing Program in August of 2022, Heather has continued forward on a path to amazing success. By the following month, in September, she started her own business, Heather’s Cleaning Service, and since then has established over 25 regular clients, including several commercial businesses across the DFW Metroplex. She worked to build her business, she also continued to work on her college education, and…it paid off!

The most beautiful thing about this time for Heather is that the same girls that saw their mother cry and struggle were the same girls that got to cheer for their mom as she walked across that stage!”

GRACE is beyond thrilled at Heather’s success, after facing hardships, finding healing, and overcoming tragedy she continues to encourage others through her personal and professional life. Inspired and driven by the struggles of those closest to her, she chose a career path that she hopes will assist others on their journey to a restored life.

We took a moment to hear from Heather after and wanted to share with you her glimpse of GRACE:


What encouragement or advice would you give someone just starting the Transitional Housing Program?

Take all the help and opportunities GRACE gives you and you will flourish, work the program and you will see results.

What motivated you to wake up every morning and push yourself through this program?

GRACE was my safe place where I truly healed, I knew I was in good hands.

If you could get a message out to everyone in the community who was rooting for you and supporting you in this journey, what would you say?

Thank you for your support and encouragement. You all were there for me more than you truly know! I was blessed to find such a loving program and y’all will always have a special place in my heart.


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