Ravan is an integral piece of our Transitional Housing Program, which works with homeless individuals and families to help move them towards independence. TH clients participate in intensive case management to assist them in achieving educational, career, and financial goals while living in clean, stable housing. All activities are aimed at self-determination and eventual self-sufficiency.

Ms. Anderson is our boots on the ground, working every day to make sure our residents have the tools they need to live a better life.

“This is a humbling and rewarding job…knowing that I’m in a position to help someone every day to become self-sufficient is rewarding in itself,” Ravan said.

“But this program isn’t easy… there’s a difference between hearing about this program and this process and then actually being a part of it… So for me it’s all about building that relationship of trust. I set the goals for everyone upfront and once those goals are established and they start accomplishing goals, it’s very exciting and rewarding.”

Originally from Greenwood, Mississippi, Ravan graduated from Mississippi Valley State University with a degree in Social Work. She came to Texas 10 years ago for a job with Dallas Metro Care but after years working as a Service Coordinator she left to focus on her family and a new baby.

Once she was ready to get back into the workforce, Ravan spotted an ad for a job at GRACE and started to research us.

“I only came to Grapevine to go to the mall,” she said laughing. “But I saw the GRACE job online and was really interested because I wanted something that was more hands on and it has been a blessing ever since.”

The work at Transitional Housing is dynamic and changes from day to day, something that Ravan enjoys.  

“Getting a family settled is rewarding but once we start case management and start building those relationships, and you start to see them trust your opinions and suggestions…it’s special,” she said.

“These women work so hard, they leave with money in the bank and the tools to succeed, it’s wonderful to see them leave here better than when they came in.”

Ravan lives in Addison and loves spending time with her husband and 3 boys, Khylen, Landen, and Kahari, and loves to watch old school scary movies.

Thank you for all that you do, Ravan!