Wyatt Ince is the newest Bilingual Caseworker at GRACE Main Client Services. His journey coming to GRACE is such an interesting one, as he himself describes it : A series of unfortunate events – with a happy ending!

Wyatt graduated with honors Summa Cum Laude from Texas State University in San Marcos with a double degree in English and Spanish in December 2016. As a student, he led a student abroad program in Valladolid, Spain, which has today translated into a daily use of Castilian Spanish.

After graduation, Wyatt had started a Masters of Literature program at TXST and then decided to take a year off to explore other opportunities. Before he could take his gap year into stride, his car was stolen. He found himself without a car and without a job, so he decided to move back to Grapevine where he had family that could help. Eventually he found a job as a temp in GRACEful Buys Grapevine, and a month later was promoted to cashier.

While Wyatt was happy with the new job, his heart was truly in helping those around him. As a teacher’s assistant and in various areas of his life, helping others had always been a cornerstone value. So when he found out that the perfect position had opened up in Client Services, he scheduled an interview for it. Unfortunately, that night, the Community Clinic and Food Pantry caught fire, so his interview was delayed.

Eventually, all things fell into place. Wyatt is now the newest member of the Client Services team and has been providing help to those around him for the past month. When asked what his favorite thing is about his new job, Wyatt replies without hesitation: “In this position, I am able to be the person for others that I have needed in the past.”

Good things come to those who wait, and we know Wyatt is truly in the right place. Please help us welcome him into a team that he was already a part of, and will continue to shine in!