The children of Parras de la Fuente in Coahuila, Mexico donned their best outfits to show off their newfound treasures, thanks to our generous community.

A unique opportunity arose that allowed GRACE to partner with the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau (GCVB) to provide toys for children living in one of Grapevine’s sister cities.

The GCVB fosters a close relationship with four international cities to promote cultural education, tourism and philanthropy, including Parras de la Fuente, which translates to, “Grapevines of the Fountain.”

To fully appreciate this occasion, some brief context is in order. Recently, GRACE was in search of a new storage facility after the previous storehouse that was on-loan  for our use was sold. The storage unit held many items, including toys for the Christmas Cottage.

Seasonal Programs Coordinator, Lori Stevens, and her volunteers take meticulous inventory of all donated items designated for the holidays. Over the years, emerging technology in children’s toys and changing culture, there were select duplicate items that had been passed over from the previous year.

From the children’s rising needs along with a need in storage solutions was born a unique opportunity to bless children in Grapevine’s sister city.

An important thing can’t be lost here is the beauty of a new toy to children, who have never had a new toy to call their own.

What it took

Volunteers took careful inventory of each doll and game to ensure it would go through customs smoothly. Each item had to be accounted for, and thanks to the volunteers and the GCVB, 40 volunteers gathered to make sure it could reach the children in time for Dia de el Nino or Day of the Child, a celebration for underserved children.

We worked with the local Rotary chapter on the ground who regularly donate the resources they can to local orphanages and children’s hospitals in the area.

Looking at the beaming faces of these children with their prized possessions makes us tremendously grateful to be an organization that’s able to meet an exceptional need for our sister community.

A special thanks to the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau and P.W. McCallum, Naomi Saenz and all the remarkable volunteers who helped make this blessing possible!