The Fourth Quarter 2021 GRACE MVP Award winner received multiple nominations based on exceptional customer service, outstanding attitude, interdepartmental relations/teamwork and excellence in mission.

This person has been a pure joy to work with since joining the GRACE Team. Their smile is noted over and over and anyone is challenged to find a time when this person’s smile is not shining! Through all of the multiple job duties and challenges that have presented themselves, this person constantly keeps an attitude that GRACE would and should be proud of, they exemplify the values of our agency. Whether it is working nonstop with seasonal programs to assisting Gala preparations to being part of Leadership Southlake to being a good neighbor in the halls – even keeping Batman and Santa on schedule and in line at the Christmas Cottage – she provides top-notch work and is a true light in each day.

GRACE congratulates Beth Chernik with the GRACE Staff 4th Quarter MVP award!

In the last year, Beth has had anything but time to catch her breath. In April of 2020, Beth took the position of Seasonal Programs Coordinator for GRACE, and has since taken on countless projects and assisted with even more.

Beth joined the GRACE team when events were starting to make their way back to being in-person after being virtual the previous year. Beth immediately inherited some of GRACE’s main programs such as Feed Our Kids, GRACE Grocery Giveaway, and Christmas Cottage.

With the recent success of the Christmas Cottage, many are thanking Beth for her hard work and positive attitude that made the Christmas Cottage fun and exciting. Many of those who volunteered with Beth have praised her for her leadership and positive spirit that glows with her personality.

When not planning for seasonal events, Beth is lending a hand in other events that GRACE puts on, volunteering her time within the community or being a part of Leadership Southlake. As GRACE prepares for the 4th Annual Poker Tournament hosted by Park Place Jaguar Land Rover DFW, Beth is already assisting to make this a truly memorable evening.

Beth’s hard work and dedication to serving GRACE clients and the community have been nothing but remarkable. We honor Beth with this award, knowing that her determination to help the community will keep moving forward. Thank you Beth for continuing to serve GRACE through your acts of service. You deserve this!