A big shout out and thank you to Kylan Hoss! Kylan heard about a GRACE Client whom found a mold issue in her home and jumped to help. After assessing the issues, he immediately went to work. He cleaned and repaired the area to prevent further mold and caulked the windows to prevent further water coming in the home. The GRACE client was so grateful for Kylan. He truly went the extra mile for a fellow community person.

“Kylan really went out of their way to assist someone in need in our community. They went above and beyond to help. The community is so thankful for people like Kylan” said Araceli Olivo, GRACE Community Health Clinic Administrator.

It is universally understood that the holidays can be a stressful financial season even without unexpected health and home issues popping up. No matter how big or small the sacrifice our donors, volunteers and community members make for GRACE clients, there is a ripple effect with an unimaginable impact. Thank you Kylan and everyone else who has sacrificed your time or money for our clients and their families this holiday season!