The GRACE Transitional Housing program is designed to help our clients reach full self-sufficiency by providing assistance to reach education, career and financial goals while living in housing. One thing about our housing is that the unit comes fully furnished provided by many of the donations that the community gives.

Last week, a new client was welcomed into the GRACE Transitional Housing program, and immediately the client loved their new home, because of the warm feeling that the GRACE volunteers puts into it. The client had recently been in the local shelter, Brighter Tomorrows, a shelter committed to listening, believing and helping victims of domestic violence.

The newest GRACE member was greeted to GRACE with a home blessing, which sees the GRACE staff and members of the community welcoming the new client to their new home either in person or through zoom.

This particular client asked if the staff from Brighter Tomorrows, could come join the home blessing via zoom. Unfortunately they were not able to make it, but they promised to come visit in person. A few days later, the staff from Brighter Tomorrows came to visit the client and GRACE Transitional Housing.

Upon walking into the furnished unit, the Brighter Tomorrows staff were thoroughly impressed with the apartment. They noted how clean and well organized everything looked. They also were impressed by the GRACE mission as a whole and thought it would be a perfect place to send future clients who are ready to get on the road towards self-sufficiency.

The GRACE Transitional Housing is a great place for individuals who need assistance in reaching their education, career and financial goals while living in housing in order to reach self-sufficiency. For more information about the GRACE Transitional housing visit our website at