Transitional Housing is a GRACE program that works with homeless individuals and families to help move them toward self-sufficiency. This program is highly successful, largely due to the volunteers who aspire to take serving this community of individuals to the next level.

Tammy O’Neil is an author, coach, consultant, and speaker who is passionate about helping people remove clutter and chaos from their lives, allowing them to reclaim their time, energy, space, and money. Her organization “The Organizer Coach” understands the value of encouraging clients as it creates a partnership for all parties involved.

Last weekend, as part of January’s “Get Organized Month”, Tammy and her organization selected GRACE for the second year in a row to do a service project for Transitional Housing this year, the team chose to organize the community shed on the property.

Along with the Organizer Coach, Tammy also partners with the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), who also showed up to lend a hand in the project. With over eight individuals and a dedicated mindset, they were able to organize the shed in under five hours.

“It felt like there was an endless amount of stuff that needed to be thrown out or labeled in the shed” said Transitional Housing Manager, Martisha Smith. “I am so glad that our clients now have a chance to go into the shed and know exactly where everything is, all thanks to the Organizer Coach and NAPO.”

We thank everyone who came out to help organize the Transitional Housing shed over the weekend. Your service to GRACE and its clients is always seen and appreciated throughout the organization as a whole. For more information on the Organizer Coach, please click here.