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What is the best way to end a week? With pizza, of course!

GRACE is thankful for a vast community of supporters. The GRACE office staff was provided a delicious lunch with the help of generous donors and Wise Guys Pizzeria.

Wise Guys Pizzeria is donating a portion of every GRACE pizza that is purchased. So, if you’re hungry for some pizza and want to help support GRACE order a pizza today. Our specialty pie is topped with:

G 🍕 Garlic oil base

R 🍅 Roma Tomatoes

A 🧀 Asiago and Romano cheeses

C 🍖 Capicola

E ❤️ Extra Basil

Wise Guys Pizzeria is known for their high-quality food and service with a local feel.  They offer a wide range of pizzas, pastas and premium drafts.

Order online!