GRACE was first listed in Communities Foundation’s “North Texas Giving Day” role of agencies in 2012. And this past week, just like the ten years before, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our community! We want to take a brief moment to thank all those who remembered us with a gift on NTXGD!

These past few years have been unlike any others. COVID, economic instability, and other woes have impacted us all. But we have faced them together and, together, we have provided food, medical care, housing, transportation, rent and utilities assistance, senior care, and children’s programming for tens of thousands of families in our community.

Our work continues as the number of clients coming to GRACE climbs every day. Because of you—our incredible community—our mission remains solid. Even facing doubling, and tripling, numbers of clients, our vow to God and to our community guides us to be competent stewards of the resources we have been given and compassionately provide care and assistance to those in need.

Your participation in North Texas Giving Day, or your direct gifts to GRACE, your volunteer service, your attendance at our special events, your best wishes, and your prayers—in all the many ways you support GRACE, we are able to meet each need that comes through our door and guide our clients to our ultimate outcome: self-sufficiency.

On their behalf, please accept our most heartfelt thanks.