“We just need 20 generous souls to make a gift of $250, it would make conditions in the apartments so much better, and that would mean a lot to our Transitional Housing families.”

That statement was made by our Chief Development Officer Mark Woolverton back in July…Here we are 3 months later and that wish has been more than fulfilled thanks to some very generous donors.

We love our Transitional Housing program, it exemplifies some of the most exciting aspects of our work here at GRACE. And it is important to stress the word “work” when talking about TH – the process and dedication it takes to be a part of this program is immense. Our TH families go above and beyond to better themselves and their families futures so it breaks our hearts when they don’t have some of things that a lot of us take for granted. A nice cool home after a hard day’s work is definitely one of those things.

The GRACE Family is proud to announce that 20 brand new AC units were bought by donors and installed this week by a team of volunteers that we can always depend on…The Dirty Dozen of White’s Chapel. Led by Chris Rowley, this group of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church members help out a lot over at TH.

“They are definitely hard working, caring, energetic group of men that are all about the mission of giving back and helping out along the way. They help make ready the apartments as far as moving and transporting furniture, they fix anything,” said Ravan Anderson, Transitional Housing Case Manager.
“They are always willing to help. They are more than a partnership we consider them Family at TH.”

Installing these units was no easy task; the old units had to be disposed of, the new units installed and sealed, electrical work needed to be done, not to mention the finishing touches like paint and wood work. Jobs like these are time consuming and can be costly which is why the mysterious members of the Dirty Dozen are so beloved by everyone they bless with their hard work.

We simply could not get projects done without donors like you and volunteers like the Dirty Dozen who roll up their sleeves and strap on their tool belts anytime we need them.

Because of you, mothers can relax after a hard day of work, kids can do their homework in comfort, and babies can get the rest they need, and for that, everyone here at GRACE is forever grateful.