GRACE works as hard as it can to help better individuals as well as the community but sometimes it takes an entire community to help one individual and today we are proud to share Miss Peggy’s story.

The GRACE Family has known Grapevine’s Miss Peggy for many years but we didn’t know that she needed extensive work done on her home…and neither did Miss Peggy until a young man from Atmos knocked on her door with a slip of paper and the bad news.

There was a dangerous leak in her gas pipes and they had to turn them off until the necessary work was done and approved by the city. Until then no hot water and no heat.

Miss Peggy lives on a very limited income and knew this would be a very costly repair. She reached out to her church, Abundant Life, and asked for guidance. They, in turn, reached out to GRACE, knowing that we not only have cared for Miss Peggy for many years, but that we also care for all in our community to the best of our ability. In addition, they provided the funds to have several plumbers come out to provide quotes on the repair.

Through the efforts of many in the GRACE family, we were able to receive confirmation from Atmos that they could assist in the cost of the repairs via a program that have set up for situations like this.

Our own Christine Szymaszek did a lot of work to make sure this project came together.

“A plumber was chosen, dates for repair set, and everything was a go. Finally, after 3 weeks without hot water, the ability to use her gas stove, and no heat (thank goodness we have had such nice weather), Miss Peggy had her gas line repaired and service restored!” Christine Szymaszek, LSW,MSW Friends & Family Program Coordinator

Mid Cities Care Corps came out and repaired the holes in the dry wall that the plumber had to create. 

Miss Peggy couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I am so blessed that my Church, my GRACE, and my Mid Cities organization came together to do God’s work and help me with my needs. I thank you all!” said Miss Peggy.

The GRACE family loves working together on projects like this and Christine summed it up perfectly…

“And that, my friend, is what working for GRACE is all about!!!!”