March Madness is back and you know what that means. It’s time to create your bracket; your Weinberger’s Sandwich Bracket that is!

Yes, the 2023 National Sandwich Championship Contest hosted by Weinberger’s Deli is here! From now until April 3rd , you have a chance to support your favorite local sandwiches at Weinberger’s Deli in Grapevine.

This contest will start with 64 delicious sandwiches. As each week goes by, the most sandwiches sold within that week will advance to the next round. April 1st will be the final four sandwiches, and on April 3rd there will be a National Sandwich Champion day, where the winner will receive a $500 prize from Weinberger’s Deli.

There are so many sandwiches to choose from, but GRACE’s CEO, Shonda has a tip for you as you choose your Weinberger sandwiches for the next couple of weeks. “Always choose the Super Duper Shonda.”

That’s right! The Super Duper Shonda sandwich is one of the contestant in the 2023 National Sandwich Championship Contest. This creative sandwich of course is named after GRACE CEO, Shonda Schaefer, which comes with a unique combination of flavors.

“The spinach and the butter chip pickles anchors the sweet heat from the mustard,” said Shonda. ”and the cheddar enhances the meats. The Ham and Turkey are Neutral flavors, so adding the Genoa brings them together. In other words, the sandwich is yummy!”

Owner Dan Weinberger has been an avid supporter and donor to GRACE for many years. His loyalty, leadership, and service to the community are shown throughout his wonderful sandwiches. Thank you so much, Dan and Weinberger’s Deli for always shining a bright light in the community.

As a fun effort to let everyone know your favorite sandwich, post on socials with #imaweino and #gracegrapevine and let us know your favorites! Go support an amazing local deli and try #superdupershonda!

Let the games begin!