Lionheart Children’s Academy at 121 Community Church provides an advanced learning environment for young children.

Childcare—quality, affordable care and education—is a godsend for hard working parents. Lionheart Children’s Academy stands as a leading childcare program in North Texas with locations from Argyle to Arlington.

For GRACE, the Lionheart Academy at 121 Community Church is “home”. The Lionheart staff provides the kind of compassionate, nurturing childcare that mirrors the caring and respectful programs and services offered at GRACE.

Above all, the thoughtful folks at Lionheart have created a scholarship program to help many GRACE families with tuition.

When 121 Community Church moved to their new location on Ira E. Woods Avenue (Hwy. 26), and agreed to serve as a Lionheart center, their vision was to help their neighbors—those in need in the neighborhoods surrounding the church, according to Kindal Wright Kreamer, a leader at 121 Community Church and a member of the GRACE Board of Directors.

“We have partnered with GRACE to pass the word about our scholarships,” said Kindal. Several families in the GRACE Transitional Housing program have received scholarships to reduce the cost of tuition.

“Oftentimes, the family will have a ‘parent portion’ to pay,” said Kindal. “This portion takes into account their financial situation and ability to pay.”

For many GRACE families, the Client Services program often covers the remaining balance of tuition. The scholarship program is open to all who qualify, not just GRACE families.

“Scholarships are available for anyone who are neighbors of 121 Community Church,” said Kindal. All scholarships are awarded to families based on what they are able to contribute towards tuition.

The Lionheart staff is fully licensed and certified in early childhood education and all have a commitment to providing loving, nurturing care for babies, toddlers, and elementary age children.

“We currently have kiddos ranging from infants to school age children who utilize the summer program,” said Kindal.  “And now the older kids are going to use the Learning Lab at Lionheart when school starts back online.”

She further explained the students will be in a classroom setting with a teacher assisting them with the online learning that GCISD is offering. Lionheart’s focus continues to be a purposeful and holistic approach to early care and education that ensures children have a strong and healthy foundation for learning and for life.

For more information about Lionheart Children’s Academy at 121 Community Church, contact Allison Nichols at 817-231-0486.