It takes a village to help plan the annual GRACE Gala. Volunteers, committee members, and GRACE staff alike work endlessly to make sure Gala is the best event in town. Soon, we will be kicking off Gala season with the first committee meeting the last week of May.

A fun fact for our readers – the GRACE Gala takes approximately 365 days to plan and execute. Many different activities go into this amazing production which makes the Gala even more fun and exciting for everyone to enjoy. All of this and more starts with our hardworking and dedicated committee chairs and members.

Sheila and Jason Ridley make up this year’s Gala committee chairs. The Ridleys have been supporters of GRACE for years and have chosen this year to give the community a very special GRACE Gala. Along with the Ridleys, our committee members play another huge part in the Gala process. Whether it is getting the word out or decorating the venue, these awesome volunteers always want the best for the community.

This week, the Ridleys along with GRACE staff took a walkthrough of the hosting venue, the Irving Convention Center. The goal of the walkthrough is for the committee chairs to have a clear visualization of how and where they want the different activities to be placed at. Also, they have a chance to meet the ICC staff and ask any questions that may arouse through their minds. The Irving Convention Center always provides excellent staffing to ensure the best quality service to their customers and we are truly grateful for our partnership with them.

The GRACE Gala committee is so much fun to work with. Everyone is so hardworking, encouraging and eager to find more ways for the community to support GRACE. The committee is always looking for dedicated members to join their team. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the GRACE Gala Committee, please contact our Special Events Manager, Basha Ramsey, at We would love to have you!

Our kick off meeting will take place at GRACE Main on Wednesday, May 25th at 9:00 a.m. Grab a friend who might be interested, and we’ll see you there!