Each year the GRACE President’s Award is given to an employee who excels in the GRACE Mission. This year’s award recipient exemplified being a steward of the community by using all of their resources to better the community and we are so thankful to have this incredible individual on our team.

Jennifer Rawls, GRACE Director of Resale and Operations, received this prestigious award from FY22 President Traci Bernard at last Thursday’s Board of Directors meeting.

Jennifer supervises the Donation Station, Resale (both the Grapevine and Euless GRACEful Buys stores), and other operational tasks in her position. Even with her amazingly busy day-to-day schedule, Jennifer never waivers to assist with programs, outreach, and working with volunteers.

Jennifer came to GRACE at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since taking on her role, she has completed and excelled with many critical projects.

During the pandemic, with many open positions in Resale, Jennifer coordinated the Donation Station’s move from the Scribner location to the Texan Trail location in less than a year.

Just last month—a major accomplishment, a crowning achievement for the fiscal year—every resale store finished with revenues exceeding expectations.

Despite the difficulties of hiring staff and with many employees out under COVID protocols, Jennifer was still able to finish the quarter within budget while also boosting employee morale and advocating for pay increases for her staff.

“It took me by surprise but I am so proud to accept the award,” Jennifer said. “GRACE has been such a blessing to me over the last couple of years and I love working with all of the staff. I couldn’t do what I do without the GRACE team.”

The GRACE Board of Directors and Staff is truly blessed with Jennifer on the GRACE Team and is so thankful and appreciative to Jennifer for everything that she has done and is still doing for GRACE and the community.

Congratulations Jennifer, the 2022 President’s Award recipient.