Every day is a good day to give back to the community you love, and we appreciate the growing number of people who consider GRACE when deciding how they might help their community.

This fabulous community has consistently supported GRACE for many years, whether it’s through volunteer work, a food donation, or even 275 pairs of unworn jeans!

In 2019, Jennifer Lipman established Porter Blue Apparel, a line of sustainable clothes, with the intention of giving customers high-quality, carbon-neutral denim staples.

One thing that draws attention to Porter Blue is that they take their cues from bygone eras, appreciating timeless and classic silhouettes that have been given a contemporary makeover.

When Jennifer contacted GRACE last week, she told our staff that she had discovered a “unique situation” in which she had a total of 275 pairs of brand-new, first-quality jeans that she wanted to donate to GRACE!

When questioned why she wanted to donate the jeans, she simply responded that she “wanted to help out a local non-profit, that is already aiding the community.”

“I’ve heard of the intriguing stories about GRACE and how their initiatives are intended to benefit the community,” stated Jennifer.

“We wanted to join GRACE in making a difference in the community by contributing something of our own.”

There are roughly 25–30 units of each size, and Jennifer set up a time for our team to pick up the jeans. She also informed us that there are waist sizes 24-34.

We sincerely appreciate Jennifer Lipman and Porter Blue Apparel for keeping our community in mind when situations come about.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are thoughtful people and organizations in our community. Those, like Porter Blue Apparel, are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand at any moment at any time.

For more information on Porter Blue Apparel, please visit their website at www.porterblueapparel.com.