The fifth annual GRACE Poker tournament is only a week away and what better way to get our cards ready for the special event than by introducing our fabulous Poker Sponsors.

Starting with our Jack of Clubs Sponsor, we have two who are no strangers to GRACE. First, we have the Jason Ridley Agency.  Along with chairing the most recent GRACE Gala, the Ridley’s have become incredible GRACE supporters. Their continuous effort of not only monetarily giving back but also through volunteerism has led them to become strong advocates for GRACE. The Jason Ridley Agency is also active throughout the community as well. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the Agency sets forth to develop a long-lasting relationship with each client, one that you can only find right here in Northeast Tarrant County. Our second Jack of Clubs sponsor is Johnny and Laura Campanello.  The Campanello’s are once again coming to the GRACE Poker Tournament as sponsors. Their generosity and support for the community along with their incredible passion for helping individuals and families financially is second to none. Returning alongside the high school sweethearts is their son Bryan Campanello, a professional poker player, who offers some of the best advice to players throughout the evening.

At our Queen of Diamonds sponsorships, we have Alford Media and the Netzer Family Charitable Foundation. Alford Media of course is a long-time GRACE supporter, helping with events such as GRACE’s Designer Bags & Bingo and the GRACE Gala. Along with their work at GRACE, Alford hosts their annual Chili Cook-off with proceeds going to local nonprofits. This gives them a chance to interact with the community as well as taste some delicious chili. Alford understands that true success comes from an outpouring of good deeds toward the community, and since its establishment in 2001, they have always found ways to serve its community.

Founded by Jeff Netzer in 2018, The Netzer Family Charitable Foundation offers grants and financial support for education, human services, healthcare, and arts and cultural development. This started as a way to provide support to programs focused on stomach cancer awareness and critical cancer research- a cause with close ties to the family after the passing of Netzer’s wife, Candace. Jeff is an active Board member of GRACE, something that he holds special in his heart as he continues to honor his wife’s legacy.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to introduce the King of Hearts Sponsor, BoomerJack’s. Serving the community is something that BoomerJack’s has been doing since its launch in 2001. Owner Brent Tipps and his wife Kimberly have graced the community with their generosity throughout many GRACE programs. From chairing the 2019 GRACE Gala to their donations for the Feed Our Kids Program at all Boomerjack’s locations, you can count on the Tipps to always play their cards right when serving the community.

These wonderful sponsors are excited to get the party started at GRACE’s annual Poker tournament, and we cannot thank them enough for their continuous dedication towards GRACE and its programs.

There is still time left to join us if you would like to play in this year’s GRACE Poker Tournament! Buy-Ins start at $1, 000 with limited seats available. For more information on how you can secure your seat, please visit our Poker Tournament website here.