We would like to introduce GRACE’s newest Production Associate, LaKissia Walker!

LaKissia, also known as Kissy, is responsible for ensuring correct quality control of donations that come through the Donation Station. She also is involved in the manufacturing process, helping to make sure that everything is in good working order.

Originally, from Kansas City, Kansas, Kissy’s love of her family is first. When not working at D.S., one can find Kissy having the time of her life with her kids, Michael, Montrell, and Mckinzee, along with her grandchildren. Her hobbies include skating, playing volleyball, and having movie nights with her family.

Before joining GRACE, Kissy worked as a telemarketer for Blue Apron. There she was responsible for speaking to, tracking, and obtaining payment information for potential clients and investors in the area.

Kissy is known around Donation Station for her friendly smile, her upbeat personality, and her dedication to being a hard-working team player. She says the best part of her job is the comradery she has with all of her coworkers, who love her just as equally.

“With the addition of Kissy, our production team has become unstoppable,” said Donation Manager, Dorcas Holloway. “Her smile and laughter are like no other. She is an awesome coworker who definitely understands the mission of GRACE”.

When asked about her love of working for GRACE, Kissy explained that “GRACE gives the community hope in a time of need. No matter who you are, GRACE will always be there for you.”

Kissy lives by the motto “too blessed to be stressed” and “stay prayed up” as a reminder to always hold her up and to never give up.

Welcome aboard, Kissy!