zakMeet the newest addition to our GRACE Community Clinic, Dr. Margaret Zak!  Community Clinic Nurse Manager, Shirley Roberts, is excited about bringing her onto the team.  Everyone at GRACE  is thrilled with the addition of Dr. Mulligan and thankful for her donating her time, care and expertise to our Community Clinic.

During her 16 year professional career, Dr. Zak has worked in a diverse array of settings.  For eight years, she has successfully run her own private practice and prior to this she was part of both large an medium size organizations.  She feels equally at home seeing patients at a nursing facility, fast-paced critical access hospital, or working from the calm confines of her on-site clinic.  She is well versed on the inner workings and demands of large teams, yet is not afraid to fly solo as her personal and professional experiences and training have brought her into a position to offer superior value to any health organization.

Dr. Zak undertook her residency training at Wichita Falls Family Practice Residency Program that is run in cooperation with a large regional hospital.  As there were no other competing residencies in that particular area, she came into contact with a wider variety of medical conditions.  Her training included work in ICU and ER, high-risk OB and neonatal care, and assisting during surgical and endoscopic procedures.

After graduating from residency, she decided to open an independent clinic out of Electra Memorial Hospital in Electra, Texas.  Her practice catered mostly to a progressively aging population in need management of chronic diseases.  Her patients were also composed of young families with pediatric and women’s health needs.  With the community livelihood highly revolving around oil fields, she tended to all sorts of trauma during this time as well.

Dr. Zak then worked for Paladina Health Medical Group at their Coppell clinic.  Her primary focus was disease prevention which was promoted through risk assessment, individualized action plans, continuous wellness coaching and behavior modification.  As a result, the clinic benefited from a healthier employee population and lower levels of utilization of ER and urgent care visits.  After Paladina decided to exit the Texas market, Dr. Zak opened her independent Primary Care Clinic in Grapevine.

Her workday is not strictly limited to the practice of medicine as she has routinely been involved in non-physician medical staff training, administrative staff meetings and community outreach programs.  She has kept up with the advances in the medical arts and recently was re-certified with the American Board of Family Medicine.

Dr. Zak joins the other physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals who tend to the healthcare needs of GRACE patients.  Last year, medical professionals served more than 3,500 hours at the Community Clinic.  For more information about the GRACE Outreach to Health Community Clinic, contact Shirley Roberts, RN, BAS, CCM at 817-305-7681, or email

We are excited to say, ” Welcome to the GRACE Family, Dr. Zak!”