A lot of the focus at this time of the year is on our Christmas Cottage program, but you may not realize how popular our Holiday Food distribution program is. We want to make sure that anyone who needs food gets it but we also want to make sure family Holiday meals are something to remember!

This year we had to adjust how we handled our Holiday food distribution but we are so glad to report that we were able to get nearly 800 Holiday meals on the tables of deserving local families.

Individuals, Churches, and businesses donated 383 Thanksgiving food baskets and 401 Christmas baskets! This amazing display of generosity helps make this season so much more special for our clients and for that we are forever grateful.

We love seasonal programs like this but we also have to maintain focus on our larger objectives when it comes to keeping our Food Pantry stocked with the top quality goods and foods that you’d find in any store. We are currently in need of some specific food items like juice, Spam, and Hamburger Helper. We also need your help gathering hygiene products like shampoo, baby wipes, and laundry detergent…we are also totally out of cleaning supplies!

Take a look at the needs list and if you can, please help out with a donation.

For more information contact the GRACE Pantry Manager