We are not talking about putting up Christmas trees just yet, GRACE Family, but it is that time to begin preparing for our Holiday Food Drive Needs!

For hundreds of years the universal expression to commemorate something meaningful is to gather around the table.  The Pilgrims’ Meal, Passover Feast and Last Supper are central examples of this human phenomenon.

It is that same marvel (along with pumpkin pie) that brings families together each season for the ultimate purpose of extending gratitude and reflecting on their blessings.

The sights, sounds and smells of Thanksgiving preparation are often an event unto itself.  The anticipation, the gooey goodness of grandma’s sweet potato casserole, the energy of parades and football games, a perfectly-caramelized turkey — each are the trimmings of the beauty of family gathered around the table.

It’s a lineage of sentiment for most families, but for some, it’s just unfeasible.  This year, far too many families will be unable to provide a holiday feast due to job loss, limited income or a sudden emergency.

GRACE is asking individuals, groups and businesses to host a food drive now when the need is greatest.  No special skills are needed to host a food drive; it can be as simple as a group of close friends eager to provide one Thanksgiving meal for a family in need.  A small group of servant hearts is all it takes to provide nourishment and holiday memories for hundreds of families this season.

This year, GRACE wants to be sure that every family has a meal to gather around, and a bounty to be thankful for.  Please take a look at our Holiday Food Drive Needs, and pitch in however you can if your heart feels inclined.  If you need assistance, contact Pantry Manager, Keith Hills.