Earlier this summer several of our devoted and incredibly creative volunteers and staff came together to coordinate an art project day for some participants of Feed Our Kids.  The children enjoyed creating “pour art” and participating in a fun photo project.  And quite the artists the kids turned out to be – the pieces look phenomenal!

In the last few weeks, we had a couple of local businesses, The Creative Pantry and Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Fine art, offer their artistic services so that several more of our clients could create works of art.  The goal is a brand new, incredibly unique addition to our Gala Auction.  We are excited to introduce our Angels of GRACE Art Gallery!

We cannot wait for our GRACE Family to see the exceptional exhibit we are putting together.  Every piece of art that will be showcased was made by our amazing clients thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and community supporters.  The results are some marvelous works, and also unique activities and fun memories for our participants!


Pour Art Project Day



Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art

Glass artist David Gappa founded Vetro in 1999.  During that time, Gappa cultivated a team of glass artists who perform their art of glassblowing in Vetro’s state-of-the-art working studio.  The studio and attached fine art glass gallery are located in our historic district of Grapevine.

In addition to creating fine art glass, Vetro artists enjoy educating the public about this ancient art form through live demonstrations.  Simultaneously, Vetro’s friendly and inviting gallery staff create a relaxed and comfortable gallery atmosphere in which to browse and shop, even participate in the process of glassblowing!


The Creative Pantry

The Creative Pantry is a do-it-yourself crafting studio with a social atmosphere where customers can create a variety of DIY projects ranging from jewelry, wood signs and even leather work.  How lucky are we that The Creative Pantry came directly to us!

They set-up shop at GRACE Main, and several of our wonderfully talented clients enjoyed creating String Nail Art.  That’s right, Creative Pantry brought over all the tools, materials and fun to us!  They offer so many unique and super fun project options that are great for business events, house parties, birthday parties, team building and much more.


We want to express our deepest thanks to each and every individual that lent their time and resources for this undertaking!  Everyone at GRACE is grateful each time we witness our volunteers and supporters that never fail to help us accomplish all sorts of projects!  Your involvement is a testament to how much you truly care about the people of our community!