The GRACE Food Pantry received 1,000 visits last month. With last year’s total visits at 11,129 for the full fiscal year, this amount of need as we head into the holiday season is unprecedented.

For perspective, the combined total of pantry visits from the two years previous – is 12,548.

As we prepare to fill the shelves with the traditional tastes of the season, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on why access to the GRACE Food Pantry is the number one service requested by our clients.

GRACE offers pantry staples including oil, flour, sugar, salt, and pepper. Personal hygiene products are also provided including feminine needs, cleaning supplies, baby formula and diapers, and even pet needs based on availability.

The Pantry is proud to offer a self-select shopping experience so that our clients can freely select items that best suit the needs of their households.

Volunteers help our Pantry Staff sort and keep items stocked, as well as assist clients as they locate items and budget appropriately according to their assigned voucher amount. While GRACE makes sure that no client goes without the vouchers issued by Client Services in specific amounts based on the client’s household are meant to help the client keep to a budget with pantry ‘pricing’ that matches the big box stores of the area.

Please click here to view our current needs list and help us keep the shelves stocked through the holidays.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at


Holiday Dist Needs 2023