The City of Grapevine is GRACE’s home. It is vibrant, growing, unique, and thriving. But if there is one quality the GRACE staff is thankful for above all others, it’s that the staff, elected officials, and leadership committees of the city strive to remain aware of all the facets of their city.

The City of Grapevine has been an ally of GRACE since its founding. We have partnered together for decades to provide a safety net of support and resources designed to assure that the residents of Grapevine and the service industry workers that make this city the destination it is are being well cared for.

At the February 6th City Council meeting, GRACE CEO, Rebecca Cox gave city officials a ‘State of GRACE’ update ahead of the release of the funds already approved by the council to support GRACE programs and services. Here are the highlights presented to City Council:

·         10,301 unduplicated individuals from 3,789 unique households received services

·         3,780 individuals (including 2,067 children) received gifts at the GRACE Christmas Cottage

·         739 four-hour clinics were held by volunteer providers at the GRACE Community Clinic

·         5,601 visits were made by patients to the GRACE Community Clinic

·         4,717 people were nourished by the summer GRACE Grocery Giveaway program

·         11,129 shoppers visited the GRACE Food Pantry

·         34,265 lunches were enjoyed by children during our summer lunch program, GRACE Feed Our Kids

·         102,586 service units were provided to GRACE clients in the 2023 fiscal year

Thank you to the City of Grapevine for your decades of partnership through both financial and volunteer support. GRACE looks forward to continued collaboration as we work to keep Grapevine thriving as both a unique destination and a vibrant community.