GRACE would like to introduce our new Human Resources Coordinator, Evelyn Burch!

Evelyn was raised in London, England, and has a long history of going on adventures. She is an avid traveler and urges everyone she meets to discover new things and places, as seen by her trips to Rome and her experiences in Frankfurt, Germany.

Evelyn began working for GRACE in May of 2022. When she assumed the position of HR Associate, she set out to build relationships with every staff member, volunteer, and community member involved at GRACE. Her outgoing nature combined with her enthusiasm for life has given her the skills to relate to everyone she meets.

Evelyn’s resume speaks volumes. Before joining GRACE, she served as the Staffing Manager at the University of Dallas, an HR Business Partner, and Corporate Recruiter for Lockheed Martin, and a member of The United States Air Force for nearly a decade.

When asked what she enjoyed most about working at GRACE, Evelyn responded, “I love welcoming every new face to GRACE. I enjoy making them feel special and reassuring them of the meaning of their position in our wonderful organization.”

Everyone in the office loves speaking with Evelyn, and according to GRACE’s Assistant to the CEO, Bethany Hardikar, Evelyn was “meant to be at GRACE.”

“Evelyn is welcoming, warm and friendly,” said Bethany. “She has a great sense of humor and is very dedicated to her job. I know it was meant to be that she came to GRACE.”

When asked what aspect of the GRACE mission particularly appeals to her, she responded, “Compassion for those who are less fortunate. Every one of us may occasionally encounter circumstances in which we need assistance, and that is what GRACE is all about.”

In her spare time, Evelyn enjoys being with her family, creating art, writing, and listening to music. She also loves spending time with her friends in the Air Force and their families. GRACE is so appreciative of her sacrifices and is thankful for her service.

Welcome to the team, Evelyn.