GRACE would like to welcome our new Stewardship Manager, Lori Eilers.

Lori grew up in Tewksbury, New Jersey where she attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and majored in English with a minor in business. She went on to Drew University to get her Masters in English Literature.

Before joining the GRACE team, Lori worked as a Speech Writer in Washington D.C. This experience is what she say says “provided her with a stark insight as to how categorically we are poised and challenged, to all work together.”

As the Stewardship Manager, Lori handles multiple projects at once. She prides herself on being able to assist in developing relationships with GRACE’s generous constituents because of the fundamental part that they play in GRACE’s ability to serve the community.

Lori is motivated by the true element of serving the community and the wholehearted feeling that comes with it. “I believe that we must all find that strong piece of our work that is of value to others in the community,” said Lori. “That is the endless joy that GRACE gives to me and others who support this wonderful organization.”

In her free time, you can find Lori on the golf course with her niece, Heather, or traveling and exploring the world.

When asked about what the mission of GRACE means to her, Lori responded “A journey towards self-sufficiency, shouldn’t be taken alone. It takes tremendous courage to ask for a new beginning.”

Welcome aboard Lori!