As our community expands daily, more and more fantastic groups are emerging to work alongside GRACE in serving our lovely community.

A developing group called Latinos in Grapevine works to connect Latinx in the area with resources and other opportunities so that everyone can feel a part of and entrenched in the community.

Latinos in Grapevine was established in 2021 by Yvette Lopez with three main objectives: to empower Latinx, to act as a link to the Grapevine leadership team, and to provide numerous Latinx families and children in Grapevine with opportunities for information and educational purposes.

According to a recent DataUSA survey, 21% of the population of Grapevine is currently Latinx.

Earlier this year, the husband of GRACE’s Bilingual Client Services caseworker Ana Fores Tamayo spoke on a panel hosted by Latinos in Grapevine.

While discussing GRACE’s service opportunities with Ana’s husband, Yvette had the idea to hold a Latinos in Grapevine interest gathering where groups may present their volunteer opportunities.

When it was time for the interest gathering, Ana and Client Services Manager, Eliza Marentes both discussed GRACE volunteer opportunities at two separate meetings.

When questioned about their overall experience with Latinos in Grapevine, Ana responded that she “enjoyed meeting new people and that everyone was eager to learn more.”

“They’re a kind group trying to help and build their community,” Ana remarked. “They were engaged in every aspect of GRACE and sought opportunities to offer assistance.”

GRACE is so excited to partner with Latinos in Grapevine, in order to serve this beautiful community in the best way possible.

We are eager to see what else the group will add to the city as they continue to grow and bring empowerment to everyone in this beautiful community.