GRACE client Christopher Dunn addresses BNSF employees at the United Way Agency Fair.

With huge, sleek stainless steel railway passenger cars in the background, staff members from GRACE joined representatives from 25 other charitable agencies for the annual BNSF Railway United Way Agency Fair this week.

BNSF Railway has supported the United Way of Tarrant County for over a decade, and many BNSF staff members designate GRACE for their gifts. In addition, BNSF staff members have volunteered at GRACE in many capacities, including in the top echelon of volunteer leadership: President of the GRACE Board of Directors.

GRACE was honored and humbled to be singled out as the only agency invited to address the assembled workers during the program. Speaking on behalf of all of the United Way agencies present, Mark Woolverton, GRACE Chief Development Officer, thanked BNSF employees for their strong support in past years, and encouraged all to consider funding this year’s campaign.

GRACE client Christopher Dunn completely stopped the show with his heartfelt, emotional presentation about his desire to make better lives for himself and his family, wife Nisha, twin baby girls and three boys.

Celebrating its 90th year, the United Way of Tarrant County is tackling the social challenges our community faces—violence, both neighborhood and domestic, poverty, low graduation rates, and ever-increasing numbers of older adults and the caregivers.

The issues are incredibly complex and interrelated—not single, isolated issues—and there are no easy solutions.

The United Way of Tarrant County focuses on improving the lives of the people that live in our community through education, income and health—the root causes to most of the problems.

More information about the United Way of Tarrant County. To learn how the United Way supports GRACE, contact Mark Woolverton at 817-305-4654.