Pam knew exactly how her talents and time could serve those in need who come to GRACE for help.

“She was on a mission when she walked through the front doors with a giant bag on her arm,” said Vicki Yarnell, GRACE Intake Coordinator.

Vicki wasn’t sure what to expect, but the most delightful surprise was waiting inside that large bag.

“She began pulling out–one after another–beautifully hand-knitted baby ‘lovies’,” said Vikki.

An expert at knitting, sewing, and working with fabric in general, Pam knew her abilities could touch the lives of children.

Her fun and beautiful creations are now helping children who are unsure, worried,  helpless, and might not have a stuffed friend to cuddle up with. We also know that child’s mother or father has found GRACE, and their worries are nearing an end.

Thank you Pam, for the love you put into these snuggly gifts!