The cabbages and onions are ready!

With cool sunny days and birds singing, it is easy to notice that spring is in full bloom. We are reminded that even as we slow down and stay home that the outside world is still in motion.  With such beautiful weather this year, the GRACE Community Garden is thriving already! 

  “Several cabbages look very ready for the gathering. Also, this may be the best crop of onions we have ever done!” – Becca Clarke, Garden Volunteer 

  For the past 10 years, the GRACE Community Garden has not only been a source of fresh produce for the local community, but it also serves as an educational resource. With 12 garden plots producing up to 2,500 pounds of organically grown produce a year, it helps supply much-needed nutrients to GRACE families. This year is looking to be a great one for the garden as mother nature has been on our side with ample growing weather! 

 Overseen by, Alison Shumaker, Becca Clarke, and Caryn Hutchinson, Garden volunteers plant and tend to the garden beds to ensure a plentiful, delicious harvest. Time is also taken to plan and organize a schedule of best-suited crops for the North Texas area.  

 Collaborating with different garden clubs, groups, and individuals volunteering at the Community Garden is a healthy and rewarding way to provide wholesome nourishment for families in need. Volunteers are needed to assist in clean up, preparation, planting, and tilling to ensure another fruitful season. 


To learn how you can be involved with the garden, please email volunteer@gracegrapevine.org