What does hunger look like in YOUR community?

As the CEO of GRACE, providing the Food Pantry services for your community, I hear questions like this all the time. I know, it sounds farfetched that in Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, and other nearby communities there is hunger—or any kind of suffering and despair.

Let me challenge you to think of this issue differently, consider the term “Food Insecurity”. I believe this more adequately describes the devastating issue facing hardworking families in Northeast Tarrant County.

If you feel confident that you and your families will be adequately fed today, tomorrow and the rest of this month, consider yourself lucky. If waking up every day doesn’t spur fear and concern about how you will buy food for your children, formula for your infant, or pay for school lunches for your kiddos… count your blessings.

For Coralita, this was not her story. She is one of the many people GRACE served last year. As a housekeeper, Coralita is the sole breadwinner for her family of three young children and her elderly mother. Her diabetes went undiagnosed for years. She prayed for the fatigue and other symptoms to pass, but she missed work often and eventually lost her job.

With mounting bills, threats of eviction, and continuing health problems, Coralita lost faith. She feared her family would fall apart. Simple and basic needs, like food and shelter, became threatened, and each of her waking thoughts revolved around providing these basic needs for her family. Fear and despair led her to GRACE where immediate relief was found.

The self-select GRACE Food Pantry secured food to feed her family while the Community Clinic helped stabilize her health. GRACE case managers helped her with rent and utilities relieving her crushing stress. Her children got clothing and school supplies to help them get off to the right start at school. And GRACE Friends & Family senior services helped her mother address mobility issues and fear of isolation.

Back on track, and free of her constant fear of food insecurity and homelessness, Coralita found a new job earning enough to provide for her family. Her diabetes is under control, and she is thriving at work and at home.

Your neighbors-those who live and work in this community-need the services GRACE offers. GRACE is only the channel directing your generosity to those in need. As I said earlier, we are the lucky ones. Would you please consider sharing with someone less fortunate?

Your gift will give those who have lost hope a chance to live fruitful lives. Together with God’s grace, we can continue to help those who are struggling and make our community a better place for all.

In His Service,

Shonda Schaefer
GRACE Chief Executive Officer