The people in our community do a great job using their business or organization to support our mission, of demonstrating compassion for those less fortunate by providing assistance to individuals and families in crisis and guidance toward self-sufficiency. Leslie Frazier is a key example of someone who is using her business to help others and the clients of GRACE.

MyPersonalDox helps individuals and families to securely, centralize and organize important records. You can access the records anytime from anywhere. It also allows family access now or in the future. This subscription makes finding historic documents easier for families and future generations to come. Thinking about why use My Personal Dox?

√ Kids away at college?

√ Aging parents?

√ Love to travel?

√ Need to get organized?

√ Want peace of mind that everything is in one place and organized in a way that anyone can understand and not have to dig through files and mail?

Leslie recently learned about the mission of GRACE and wanted to partner with us as a way to support GRACE programs that serve the community. That is why, for the month of March, Leslie and the PersonalDox’s team has offered to run a special that gives GRACE 50% of the sales. (Yes, sales!)

MyPersonalDox’s has up to nine preset categories each coming with its own checklist to make sure you do not miss uploading any key documents. It includes things like car loans, registration, home mortgage, passports, etc. The service also allows up to five representatives to have access to your account without sharing passwords. You can even give future access to individuals for any reason.

Running exclusively March 1st – March 31st, please use promo code “GRACE” and we will receive 50% of the sale. There is no better time to gather special documents for yourself or a loved one than today, and you have the opportunity to support GRACE as well!

We are grateful to Leslie Frazier,, for choosing GRACE. For a step-by-step process on how this amazing service works, please click here Email at with any questions, or visit to sign up now.